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The Amber Beer of Brie possesses a content in alcohol from 4,5 % to 8 %. Made at Courpalay in the southeast of Paris, its tint is golden-amber and copper-colored. Its foam is smooth. It is brewed with roasted Malts. A slow tasting will allow you to appreciate its flavours of cereal, marshmallows or quince. It will release a very fine bitter taste in bottom of mouth. During the last years several golden medals were awarded to it in the general competitive examination of Paris. It is very appreciated!
Potatoes (25kg)      Chicken (1.5-2 kg)      Potatoes (5kg)      Chicken (2-2.5 kg)      Chicken (2.5-3 kg)      guinea fowl (1.2-1.6 kg)      guinea fowl (1.6-2.2 kg)      Duck (1.5-2kg)      Duck (2-2.5 kg)      Duck (2.5-3 kg)      Eggs (12)      Eggs (6)      Chicken potted meat (200g)      Spring Honey (500g)      The honey of Locust tree (500g)      Honey of Forest (500g)      Honey of Sweet Chestnut Tree (500g)      Honey of Linden-Forest (500g)      Plain Honey Gingerbread (350g)      Gingerbread with nuggets of chocolate (350g)      Lager of Brie (75cl)      Amber Ale from Brie (75cl)      Briard Half-dry Cider (75cl)      Briard Apple Juice (1 L)      Rape oil (1 L)      Rapeseed Oil (0.5 L)      Briard Dry Cider (75 cl)      Capon (3-4 kg)      Turkey (3.5-5 kg)      Turkey (5-6.5 kg)      Turkey (6.5-8 kg)      Capon (4-5 kg)      Goose (3.5-4.5 kg)      Goose (4.5-6 kg)      White Beer of Brie (75cl)      (33cl)     

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