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The goose was probably domesticated in the Neolithic period when youngs of wild gooses were captured and raised. In the Middle Ages, the meat of goose was the most popular after that of the pig. The goose raised in Tourneboeuf is Norman or of Toulouse. The first is a domestic goose native of Normandy. The second is a farm goose renowned for its capacities of fattening. Both appreciate particularly the greenery in abundance. Do you know that a small goose is not softer than a big one? Indeed, characterized by a flesh without excess of fat, the goose must be big and fat to be delicious. A goose for 4 to 6 dinner guests does not exist, it is advisable to be at least 8 at the table. But if you were not enough to get through it, keep the rest for other meals (put it in your freezer). Cook a goose approximately 2.5 hours at 200°C (preheated oven) while spraying very often with the juice coming out of the poultry. Merry Holidays!
Potatoes (25kg)      Chicken (1.5-2 kg)      Potatoes (5kg)      Chicken (2-2.5 kg)      Chicken (2.5-3 kg)      guinea fowl (1.2-1.6 kg)      guinea fowl (1.6-2.2 kg)      Duck (1.5-2kg)      Duck (2-2.5 kg)      Duck (2.5-3 kg)      Eggs (12)      Eggs (6)      Chicken potted meat (200g)      Spring Honey (500g)      The honey of Locust tree (500g)      Honey of Forest (500g)      Honey of Sweet Chestnut Tree (500g)      Honey of Linden-Forest (500g)      Plain Honey Gingerbread (350g)      Gingerbread with nuggets of chocolate (350g)      Lager of Brie (75cl)      Amber Ale from Brie (75cl)      Briard Half-dry Cider (75cl)      Briard Apple Juice (1 L)      Rape oil (1 L)      Rapeseed Oil (0.5 L)      Briard Dry Cider (75 cl)      Capon (3-4 kg)      Turkey (3.5-5 kg)      Turkey (5-6.5 kg)      Turkey (6.5-8 kg)      Capon (4-5 kg)      Goose (3.5-4.5 kg)      Goose (4.5-6 kg)      White Beer of Brie (75cl)      (33cl)     

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