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The Turkey comes from Mexico where it was discovered at the beginning of the sixteenth century by the colonists. In Europe, it was then named hen of India because people believed that America was India. Five centuries later, the Turkey is a gastronomic poultry particularly consumed during the period of Christmas all over the world. The turkey even replaced the goose of the English Christmas dinner and no American Thanksgiving Day takes place without a roasted turkey. A quality turkey is plump but not too fat with a very white skin which testifies of the sweetness of the flesh. This is guaranteed by a breeding of quality (a reasonable number of animals, a food mainly composed of cereals and herb, spaces assigned at the convenience of the turkey outside and inside). You will stuff yours at your convenience. During the cooking, we advise you to cover it with an aluminium foil preventing the drying out of the flesh. Farm Turkeys of Tourneboeuf are sold ready to cook.
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